Black Research Institute 
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We are currently working with community partners to create and enact these worthwhile goals:

Neighborhood associations conduct walkability assessments and implement changes to improve walkability in neighborhoods.

African-American Churches adopt healthy eating policies for congregational meals.

Faith-based organizations consider passing a resolution to provide lead screenings.

Police departments increase community policing in the evenings and on Saturday mornings to provide added community safety.

The State of Missouri and Kansas require administrative agencies to aggressively market 529 Savings Plans.

Public schools adopt an automatic voter registration administrative policy for students at age 18.

Faith-based organizations provide rides for voters to polling stations.

Housing authorities (Missouri and Kansas) consider a policy to assist residents in multi- family housing with the remediation of smoking triggers.

Faith-based organizations host information sessions regarding policies impacting social determinates of health.

Faith-based organizations pass a resolution to provide no- cost smoking cessation classes.

Neighborhood associations make a commitment to help eliminate environmental contaminants (lead, exposed sewage and other harmful toxins) and clean up Brush creek.

Places of employment, offering livable wages, host employment summits and fairs.

Business sector and social service organizations host wealth creation workshops on topics such as home ownership, payday lending tactics and prevention, college savings plans, etc.