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African American babies are x2 as likely to die as an infant and x2 as likely to die from SIDS.

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American communities are often segregated by race and income. Communities of color are often plagued by crime, low-performing schools and inadequate access to services, housing, transportation and other harmful aspects that compromise individual and community health.
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Infant Mortality

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African American children are 73% more likely to be obese 
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African American Health Disparities In Comparison to non-Hispanic Whites: African Americans are more likely to suffer from certain health conditions; more likely to get sicker, have serious complications and even die from them:
African Americans are,

40% more likely to die from stroke

30% more likely to die of heart disease 

40% more likely to die from breast cancer and x2 as likely to die from prostate cancer 

60% more likely to be diabetic and x2 as likely to undergo amputation